There are some really great games out there right now. Some you can play in groups, some you can play with just two people. These are just a few of my favorite games that I recommend. There are many more great games, but these are ones that I love to play. Check them out for relaxing at home and check out the travel sized versions of some of them for playing while waiting around for doctors or nurses! Also make sure you feel free to change the rules to fit your physical ability. Maybe extend the time, or allow more substitutions for actions you cannot perform. There are many different ways to play these games; you will just need to find the way that bests suits your current situation.
In no particular order here are my games recommendations for super fun game nights, more fun wait times, and a great stress reliever.

Some of the Most Fun Games Around!

Exploding Kittens

This one is the newest game in our house. We love it and we got the NSFW edition so it is even more fun to play. The game play differs depending on how many players you have and the point of the game is to not get the exploding kitten. It was the largest Kickstarter game ever funded and the drawings are done by Matthew Iman from the Oatmeal. We have only gotten to play this game a few times and only with two people but so far it has been very fun, although obviously the NSFW edition is not appropriate for all audiences

Kittens in a Blender

Another hilarious card game where the object is to get your opponents cats into the blender while getting your cats safely in the box. It is fun to get a bunch of adorable little kitties into the blender and then blend. When I play a blend card, I like to pick up the box and go “VRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” while shaking the kittens around but that is because I am an evil game player. This game can be played between 3-4 players but I wonder if there could be expansion packs for it that I have never seen. Overall it is a game that can be played by anyone as there is nothing really graphic about it.


Munchkin requires a bit to learn the rules but there are great videos that can teach you like this one on YouTube: Munchkin Game Tutorial . The game is simple in concept you are trying to get to level 10 and trying to keep everyone else from getting to level 10. It is a game where the objective is to not make friends. The artwork is excellent and it is really fun to get a good game going with multiple people. The best thing about Munchkin is there are lots of different decks. You can get a starter deck and then expansion packs, then you can also get bigger themed decks. We currently have Adventure Time and Nightmare Before Christmas. The only issues I have with Munchkin is that you cannot play it with two people so it makes it hard and the biggest thing is shuffling! Once you get all those decks and expansions and cards it is almost impossible to shuffle and I was told by the game shop employee that you cannot use a card shuffler on these cards because they will get bent. So, overall, this card game is fun and engaging and I would recommend it to people of all ages.

Cards Against Humanity

Now this game is probably THE most fun game to play with a group of diverse people, especially from different age groups like parents or even grandparents. It is a card game where you use the power of deduction to determine what the other person will find funny. The person who draws the card, reads it aloud and then everyone else choose one card they think will go with that them. Sample hand that I actually got to play Black Card: I am Sorry Professor I could complete my homework because: _________________ A Brain Tumor Hahaha. It was awesome. The game gets people that may normally be pretty straightlaced to break down and sow their wrong side. There is nothing funnier than seeing your parents have to choose with the card

“What do old people smell like?”
-Peeing a little bit –bitches –Auschwitz – An erection that lasts longer than four hours –the profoundly handicapped -historically black colleges or –Judge Judy.
The game may be a little inappropriate for doctor’s offices but it should be fun to play with anyone who has a good sense of humor.
****There are some tremendously offensive cards though so there are a lot of trigger warnings. You will be offended by this game if you are a good person but it is all in good fun with my friends and since several of the cards are against areas I identify with I still have fun with it. It is a game where the belief in anti censorship is really pressed to its limit.


Now, I love this game primarily because of the people I play it with. They take what should be a simple, clean game and turn it into a dirty game real quick. By the end it is contagious and everyone starts doing it! The game is simple to play and is played on small dry erase boards. The first person gets a clue and then draws it, the second person guesses, the third person draws the second person’s guess, and so on, so on, so forth. If at the end the person who drew the first drawing gets a point for each person who guesses the original word. It is a great way to spend time with your friends and family and just get out some creativity! Plus, it is really interesting for people who think they have no artistic talent because it is timed, every person’s drawings are all on the same playing field. You have to be quick and you have to be detailed as well. It takes a clever, quick thinking mind to be successful at this game


Taboo is another family favorite and this game can be played in the hospital as well, just substitute a verbal buzzer for the one provided, makes the game much more fun that way anyway. Though, this may be a little rambunctious for out of the house play depending on who you hang out with. The object of the game is to get your partner to guess the picked word without saying certain clue which are deemed “taboo” words. When these words are used the other team gets to hit a buzzer and the guessing team must move on the next word. Only words can be used. No gestures, or acting out, no rhyming or sounds can be used either.


Scattegories has been a favorite of my husband and mine for many years and could be fun to keep your chemo brain from running amuck. However, you may want to just drop the time limit off and just have fun trying to see what different answers you can come up with. They also have a fantastic travel version that you can toss into your treatment bag. This game involves thinking of words for all kinds of different categories based on an assigned letter. Bonus points are awarded for double letters for instance a fictional character with B letter roll- Bugs Bunny would be 2 points instead of 1.


Scrabble is a great game as there are no time limits and no harsh rules, you can take your time and you can find it in travel size (as you can Scattergories as well). It also allows you to take an active step in fighting off Chemo brain. It may be impossible in some cases but this is a great at to try! Scrabble is a game to make words using wooden tiles and points are awarded based on tile value and placement on the board.


Cranium is my favorite board game but can be kind of hard when sick so make sure to modify the rules to fit your situation like maybe you are guesser in charades or maybe more time. Don’t allow the rules to make this game not fun for you! This game is a combination of charades, Pictionary, trivial pursuit, and play doh fun time. It is played in teams of two and it is timed with every team trying to get to the center first.

We are always playing Games

Although I play a lot more console games than board games recently, I will put those in my blog instead so check that out for digital game recommendations!

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