Cancer Merchandise 

Cancer merchandise is something that all charities do and I am no different. There is something awesome about being able to have cancer specific merchandise. For my part I have the books that I have created, the chemo pets I love to make, and then the 3D printed items that I hope to make for you all! As well as custom printed items for both Jetty's Brain Book and the charity. The merchandise here is all with proceeds going to Jetty’s Brain Book and the Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation. Click on the image to load an order page. The bottom has other cool cancer merchandise I have found on the internet.

Jetty's Brain Book

Jetty’s Brain Book is my story. I spent the fall of 2004 in Tokyo, Japan studying art, with explorations into photo books. When I returned, I continued my studies and when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April 2005, the first thing I did was get my camera and start taking photos. I knew this was something I would want to remember. I modified and honed these photos to be style of book I wanted and then I set about finding an agent. After exhausting all my options (because who wants to represent such a large costing book!), I decided to self print and that is where Jetty’s Brain Book was born. While it is not exactly what I wanted in shape, there are instructions on how to modify this. So, if you want to see my story in glorious full color. Check out my book. It is the best of both worlds a written work that comes with full page photos! Click to Buy the Book!

The Art of Fighting Cancer

After completing Jetty’s Brain Book, I started my charity: the Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation, which is an online community for anyone affected by cancer. I made The Art of Fighting Cancer as a companion to Jetty’s Brain Book and as a fundraiser for the charity. It is artwork that is inspired by my cancer survivor story. It corresponds with all the major elements of the book. All of the proceeds from this book go to the charity to offer a scholarship for a survivor and a grant for a caregiver. It is a 70 page full color book filled with both traditional and digital artwork. Click to Buy the Book!


Chemo Pets

Chemo pets are my own design and a way to bring a smile to patients undergoing chemotherapy. They are hand sewn and can be created in a variety of styles including standard chemo pets, animal pets and even people chemo pets. They come in three different sizes: Chemo Pet small, Chemo Pet medium and Chemo Pets large. Each pet is fully customizable and it comes with two pockets on the back side that are filled with various items that would be helpful during treatment. The bottom is filled with beans so it stands sturdy and is also adorable. Please think about ordering a chemo pet for yourself or for someone you know! To see Larger Images of Chemo Pets that have been made check out the Chemo Pet Page by clicking the image. If you would like to order a chemo pet please fill out the order form here. The proceeds go to keeping this website running, since we take no ad revenue.


3D Printed Items

I have a fancy 3D printer and I have lots of 3D modeling talent. So we currently have brain key chains for sale but we can also make custom 3D printed items. If you can dream it, we can make it and print it. Due to the nature of 3D printing, a custom quote will need to be made for everything. Later when we have a larger stock, you will be able to purchase pre-made items.


We have custom designed and printed Bookmarks for Jetty’s Brain Book and the Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation. Book marks are printed on 80lb one-sided Glossy with UV Varnish cardstock. There are 4 bookmarks per set.


We have custom designed and printed Bookmarks for Jetty’s Brain Book and the Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation. Book marks are printed on Matte Sticker Stock. They come 6 stickers per set. Stickers below are samples, 6 set will be random designs from Jetty's Brain Book and ECOG.

 Bumper stickers 

We have custom designed and printed bumper stickers made specifically for cancer survivors. They are printed on self-sticking, vinyl material with a sticker thickness is 4.5 mil. Currently there are two to choose from but we have more in mind if people show an interest. We can also design custom ones for your needs.

Window Decals 

We have custom designed and printed window decals made specifically for cancer survivors. They are printed on clear 4.8”X4.8” clear plastic. We can also make these in larger19”X12” but they are a bit large for car display.


We also have a few designs of t-shirts. Although these will take a little while to get printed; if you are interested in t-shirts we will get more on order.

 Other Places to buy Cancer Related Merchandise!  

Every good cancer site has a merchandise site. Here are a few of the ones I love and also some I found online.

The SAMFund is one of my favorite charities and when you buy from them you are directly helping them offer financial support to survivors!

Stupid Cancer has some really fun items and they are a major player in the YA community!

The original Fuck Cancer hat made by the one and only Jackie Farry. She donated several of these hats to my first benefit and they are awesome. They are soft and comfortable!

Café Press has many different kinds of cancer themed gifts from cards to t-shirts to blankets and magnets. They have everything.

Choose Hope donates a portion of each of its sales directly to Cancer Research. They have funny merchandise as well as serious beautiful pieces. You can search by Cancer Type which is really convenient.

This site has MANY hilarious shirts that range from tame to pretty inappropriate, depending on your humor level.

This store has many cancer themed merchandise and even has section for specific kinds of cancer

Cancer Karma has a massive amount of really great shirts and they donate a portion of their proceeds to charity.

 One Final Note 

Please keep in mind that just because you cannot purchase these merchandise items does not mean you are any less of a survivor. It is only if you WANT to have a new shirt that you should buy one, not just because you are a survivor. And these sites above donate to their own foundations that help so very many people. You can also find other funny shirts that are not linked to specific cancer charities but rather started by survivors

            For me I would still purchase from a survivor as it is hard even after it is all said in done and in some cases it is harder to move on and get your life straight after its been knocked all over the place.

 Who am I? 

I am a Glioblastome Multiforme (brain) cancer survivor who wants to make a difference in the world.

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