One area that does not get enough attention is that cancer can be pretty long, strenuous and to be perfectly honest boring. Now when I was diagnosed, I had a cell phone- it was my first US one (I got my first real one in Japan- which was awesome!) but it was a tiny flip phone that did not have a legitimate data plan or anything. Nowadays (spoken like a true old person. Hahaha!), we all have tiny pocket computers we carry in our pockets. There is more entertainment in the palm of your hand than I could ever provide for you. However, these are the pieces I made for the original Jetty’s Brain Book site and I have updated with more coloring pages. I may even make them into a full coloring book in the future. It is always nice to have options. Doctors will keep you waiting for long periods of time, you will be stressed, you will be bored. It is something that comes with the territory. I hope to make more detailed coloring pages for this site as they seem to be good stress relievers for people. When I made these pages in 2009, they were just because I love coloring. Please enjoy these recommendations and creations. I will try and update these with new stuff.

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 Cancer Fun  

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Coloring Pages

PDF versions of coloring pages, can be downloaded or colored on your computer/cell phone

Board Game Suggestions

A few suggestions for good board games to play when you have down time. Also check out the travel sized versions of some of these too!

Crossword Puzzles

Cancer themed crossword puzzles and link to online puzzles.

Word Finds

Cancer themed word finds and link to online searches.

Movie Recommendations

A Link to my movie recommendations Blog

Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations for help through your journey


Games are my life and it is my hope that I can make some small cancer themed games. Right now it is reviews and recommendations

Johnny Cancer Comics

Johnny Cancer Comics is a comic centered around one survivor

 Being Positive Saved My Life  

So, try and use these suggestions and pieces to have a little fun in what will be a stressful time.

 Who am I? 

I am a Glioblastome Multiforme (brain) cancer survivor who wants to make a difference in the world.

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