Games! Games! Games!

This section is currently under constant construction. All I want to do in my life is make games and yet they seem to be the one thing that is always pushed back to make sure other things are completed. I wanted to make sure I have up to date links, forums, and chats available before I added games but this placeholder will show that they will be here soon. I recently graduated with my master’s degree in Digital arts and my goal in life is to make games. I have BIG plans for this area but right now there are no playable games. However the first game that will be released here will be this game. Its title is Pill Popper and it is a game where the goal is to eat as many pills as possible. The main character is a survivor hence the bald head. It is going to be very fun once it is done, for now check out the board game section.

I will also discuss games I am playing on my personal blog.

 Who am I? 

I am a Glioblastome Multiforme (brain) cancer survivor who wants to make a difference in the world.

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