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I am a Glioblastoma Multiforme Survivor!


For me, this is the most important area of this site. As a survivor when I was diagnosed, I would have loved to have a site like this: a site with everything I needed to know and wanted to hear, but it didn’t exist in 2005 like it does now. I have worked a long time to make this site great and I hope that this, the survivor section will be useful to survivors. I hope that you will be able to find everything you need on Jetty’s Brain Book. Please click the images below to go to other areas of the site.





 You are Amazing!  

I shared my advice in the advice section but I want to reiterate that you are entitled to feel however you wish. In my experience, I found that being positive and happy got me to where I am today. I had many ups and downs and I have had many since, but I feel confident that all the emotions I went through were valid and all of yours are too! If you do not see a link on here, make sure to check all the areas above because I have linked some great ones on other pages!

 Great Survivor Links 

Survivor specific links

Prepare to Live is the only non-profit, charitable organization founded and managed by cancer survivors, dedicated to using the power of the web and documentary-style filmmaking specifically for Young Adults coping with cancer worldwide.

Information about what is known for food and cancer. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine how to handle health, fitness, and exercise when you are trying to focus on surviving.

Life after Cancer- support groups, clinics, ways to connect with other survivors and volunteering. It also has areas for follow up care and dealing with long term physical effects.

Resources for cancer survivors to help guide you on next steps after treatment. It includes treatment summary and survivorship care plans, self-care plans, information cards and even a survivorship calendar.

Everything you could need to know for your survivor journey: financial, medical, insurance, cancer guides, everything.

National Cancer Survivor Day is a great day to celebrate being a survivor! If you are feeling healthy enough get out and have some fun!

Calendar with updated with exercise, wellness, nutrition, and self improvement classes including drawing and painting!

A site full of numerous resources for young adult cancer survivors. Many of these are listed in other areas of this site but some of them are new and they are all in this one place.

A free audio program. It was created by leading cancer organizations to help people develop skills to better meet and understand the challenges of their illness.

A guide with key strategies to help you navigate the unknowns of cancer survivorship and build that life where you feel you’re not just surviving your cancer but you are truly thriving

An online platform that provides survivors and caregivers a virtual community to connect and share experiential information

A great article about moving past survivor guilt. We all feel it in some way, it is normal but it cannot control your life.

Legal services and links to issues that face survivors such as employment resources, disability issues. A variety of advice and services in the legal department.

A Guide to Looking your best during cancer from wigs to scarves to makeup to yoga and all things in between.

Resources for both survivors and Caregivers including life with and after cancer as well as clinical trials and patient assistance resources

So many links to aid, everything from travel assistance to general financial help. Check them all out to get as much help as possible.

 Mesothelioma Links 

Offering comprehensive assistance for survivors of Mesothelioma. Including financial assistance and treatment options

A free guide packet including important information for survivors about treatment and financial compensation. The site also offers treatment plans as well as comprehensive information that is vital for survivors.

Two $2,500 scholarships available for mesothelioma survivors.

A site offering not only legal assistance but also provides information about treatment and offers a free guide as well

A site run by the Mesothelioma Center, offering Information and a Free guide as well

Offering information on how to find a doctor, treatment options and even financial aid information and a Free guide as well

If you would like to know more about Female cancer, please check out this page.

If you would like to know more about brain cancer, please check out this page.


Hospice care is something that I believe in fully. I think it is not giving up when you enter into a Hospice or End of Life treatment plan, I feel like the strongest people I have ever know in my life have found great comfort in hospice care. At times I feel like the community and ideals I am pushing here might be discouraging to people who live with cancer and may be unable to reach remission in their life. While I do not have experience firsthand with hospice, I do think that it is a vital and if you are in hospice now I hope it brings you peace and comfort. You are amazing too!

Another area that I feel like I do not give enough credence to is depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental issues that arise from a cancer diagnosis and treatment. I, myself, have residual side effects from the scaring in my brain. Since my cancer was in the right frontal lobe I have issues with my emotions, as well as assessing proper responses as times. Depression is very real for survivors and even though I know that my positivity got me through, other emotions are valid and need to be addressed so that the survivor can move forward with their lives.


It is tremendously important that you research the charities where you are donating your time and effort. Make sure that you agree with how they are spending their money. I, personally, find exorbitant salaries of CEOs to be very off putting and as someone who runs a nonprofit, I cannot give to an organization that wastes its money on paying an outrageous salary (but that is just me!) Use these sites to learn more about all charities.

 There is so much more on this site!  

While this area is titled ‘Survivor Page’, the whole site is set up for survivors and their caregivers so, please make sure to check out all the areas because there is so much more to find on this site. Please make sure to look over the whole site but if you cannot find what you are looking for, please drop me a line and let me know and I will help you!

One important thing I do not cover everywhere else even though it pertains to everyone is a living will. Everyone needs to have a living will, this is the only way the caregivers in your life will know what you last wishes are. They may seem morbid to others but it is a fact of life. Everyone is going to die eventually. You need to make sure your wishes are documented. Check out this website to make a living will for your family.

 Who am I? 

I am a Glioblastome Multiforme (brain) cancer survivor who wants to make a difference in the world.

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