Brain Cancer 

I do hope that I can reach out to fellow brain cancer survivors. I know that the statistics on brain cancer are bleak to say the least. To research it is to take a step into some of the most depressing pieces you will ever read. I have only met one survivor of my cancer in person and he passed away after fighting a long, hard battle. I was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme at 21; this is a grade 4 brain tumor and is highly aggressive. So much so, that my oncologist has never had someone make it to 5 years without a reoccurrence, I reached my 10 year cancerversary last year. When I meet people who know what my cancer is, it is always followed with how the survivors they knew died. At my last job on more than one occasion I was hugged by crying people telling me I am a miracle and a hero. I do not feel like a miracle but every time I read about my cancer I realize that maybe I am. In my own way, just beating that terrible cancer was actually a big deal. You see to me, I just saw it as something I had to do. I never thought about the statistics, even when I read them now I do not worry about my cancer coming back. There are times in my life where I think about it and I try to plan if I did get bad news what I would need to do to maintain my regular life. I hope that these sites will help other brain cancer survivors will find these sites useful. I know that these are not all the sites available and I know that your cancer may not fit into this or you have a secondary brain tumor to another form of cancer but if you want to talk to me, please Drop Me a Line.

Information for brain cancer/ tumor survivors including symptoms and treatments, financial aid, studies, news and directories

A Pretty cool site about all kinds of cool brain cancer stuff, research, survivors, trials, everything you can think of.

Provides up to date information on everything related to brain tumors; also offers a great email newsletter on new research being done and offers conferences and opportunities to learn more about your cancer

Another up to date website focusing on brain tumors.

 Other Brain Cancer Sites 

An exhaustive list of very helpful resources for brain cancer/tumor survivors

A video of the gamma knife procedure from a patient’s perspective

Everything you could want to know about cyberknife surgery.

A full Q&A all about Glioblastoma

 People DO survive brain cancer!  

You are not alone, please check out the site to find support and learn more

 Who am I? 

I am a Glioblastome Multiforme (brain) cancer survivor who wants to make a difference in the world.

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