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I am not incredibly involved in Social Media and I obviously have none of the dating sites. It seems like historically I only join sites when I am forced to. I wanted to contact a girl and learn more about a crime at my university so I joined Myspace. I wanted to keep in contact with my sister, so I joined Facebook. I wanted push my artwork so I joined Pinterest and Etsy. I had conferences on Google + for school. I wanted to see good photos of my first roommate’s baby so I joined Instagram. So, I have several sites but I am only really active on Facebook and recently Instagram. The charity I run is on Twitter but we do not really post either. I do not have a personal Twitter. I am sure as new social networks are created there will be some reason that will push me to join them. You are free to add me to any network I am on but do not expect a lot of interaction with me on most of them! Haha.

 My Personal Social Networks 

For more about me check out my Page


The only site I am really active on.


I recently joined Instagram so I can see photos of the baby, I am not super active but there are some good photos there.

Google Plus

I am on Google+ a little more since it is linked to my Gmail.


This is more of a professional networking site, but I am slightly more active on this one.


I have a meetup account but I haven’t updated it in a long time.


Myspace used to my go to social media a long time ago but as it is now mainly for musicians I do not really do anything on it.


Pinterest is a site I go on occasionally


As you have seen on other pages I have several blogs I "run"


I have an account but never use it


Sites to learn more about cancer

 Other Social Network sites Out there  

These are sites that are really good for connecting with other cancer survivors, and caregivers where I do not have an account.


This is an online Journal where people all over the world can connect with you and share in your story.

Know Cancer

A social media site specifically for cancer survivors and people who support the cancer community.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

A place for quality cancer advocacy

Stupid Cancer

The most comprehensive cancer site for young adult survivors.

I Had Cancer

A site to connect with someone in your area who knows what you are going through

Cancer Support Community

A site for anyone who has been affected by cancer to connect

 Yay Social Media!  

Social Networking is always evolving so these are just the sites that are around at the time of this writing.

 Chat Programs  


 Drop Me a Line 


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