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In this upgraded Jetty’s Brain Book site, I wanted to include areas that I felt were missing from the last site and cancer education is one of those areas. Here are a few good links to areas where you can learn more about cancer, treatments, alternative therapies, and more.
An indescribably valuable resource in Cancer Education is Cure Magazine. You can get your subscription for free in the mail or set straight to your inbox! Check them out for more up to the minute information on cancer, its treatments and how others are fighting

 Learning About Cancer 

Various Links to learn more about cancers and treatments

Cancer Education

A site dedicated to providing up to date information about cancer

Mayo Clinic Patient Education

Education in areas of symptoms, drugs, tests, as well as healthy lifestyles and patient services

ASL Educational Material

Educational videos and material for deaf and hard of hearing survivors


WebMd can be a great resource but you have to take it with a grain of salt. There are a lot of really bad statistics there that may not apply to you. Trust your medical team first and foremost and use this sparingly and only when you want to know more, not as the end all, be all.

 PDF Copies of Cancer Educational Material 

Places that offer PDF copies of books and pamphlets

National Cancer Institute

Offering PDFs on a variety of cancer subjects including clinical trials, coping & support, screenings and more

ASCO Educational Material

ASCO Educational Material that can be orders. Also check out this cancer fact sheet for more information on specific cancers or symptoms. ASCO Fact Sheet

 Cancer Education Journals 

Places that offer Journals about cancer education

Journal of Cancer Education

This journal presents research that aims to improve current cancer education techniques and solve current problems that exist in educating patients, and strengthening existing programs

Journal of Cancer Education

Regular features include original reports, commentaries, book and media reviews, and announcements of educational programs, fellowships, and grants

 Health & Wellness 

One Big area that I did not place much stock in while I was sick was health and wellness. I was 21 and I was on steroids I was starving all the time so a whole cheesecake was a fantastic idea to me. That is until I blew up to 189 at 5’1” in less than two months and was in severe agony with “moon face” and “noodle legs” keeping me from being able to do anything. There are some great sites out there to help with health and wellness and I recommend anyone who is going through cancer to pay attention to your body. In the years since I have tried very hard to get my body and mind on the same page and I look back and wish I had paid more attention to these areas.

Annie Appleseed Project

A place where you can share your story and get help/advice from others.

Wellness House

Including programs for stress management, family matters, healthy living.

Hippocrates Health Institute

A wholistic healthcare program


Free on demand videos, support therapies, nutrition, all in one place

  Breaking it Down into the Basics 

Getting down to the very basics, here are some great general questions sites and easy to understand information.

ACS Cancer Basics

Answers to some of the basic questions about cancer, such as what it is, what some of the common signs and symptoms are, and how many people it affects

Cancer Compass

3D animations, blogs, news, cancer guides, all easy to understand and follow

Cancer.net Cancer Basics

Medical Illustrations, terminology, statistics, and the basics

Stand Up 2 Cancer

Absolute basics about cancer

  Other Cancer Education Items  

Other interesting cancer education items

Dana Faber Article

6 Things to Do when You Learn You Have Cancer

CNN Article

5 Things to Do when Blindsided by Cancer

Cancer Connect

News, Resources, Tips, Blogs

Clinical Trial Information

All about clincal trials

 There is so much more out there!  

It is truly an amazing time to be alive. There is so much more information online now than there ever was when I was diagnosed in 2005. I have tried my best to get a well rounded batch of educational links but almost every major site has a section on cancer education, so make sure to check out all the pages of Jetty’s Brain Book to get to more sites that will have even more information. Particularly the Links Area, as well as the Survivor and Caregiver sections, there are so many more sites there as well as in the Advice and How to Help areas.

 Who am I? 

I am a Glioblastome Multiforme (brain) cancer survivor who wants to make a difference in the world.

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